Year in Review

As we look at our year in review, we have far too many accomplishments to list!  Staff and students were engaged in a full year of learning, Mrs. De boer provided art instruction, our Cree partners demonstrated drumming, dancing and art classes to students.  Mrs. Maclure and Ms. Fleck once again provided a wonderful music program to those parents and students interested in piano, guitar and violin.  It was definitely a very successful year.

We were able to provide students with multiple learning opportunities and events such as the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Alberta Opera, Rock N Rings, Alberta Farm Safety and the band performance from Graminia High School, the Pow Wow and the annual Track and Field Day.

We conclude a successful year of teacher collaboration with the focus of improving our understanding of Response to Intervention in Literacy and Numeracy. We had a great year of cooperative learning opportunities with our combine grade one, two, and three grouping and the grade four, five and six grouping. Students thoroughly enjoyed the cross grade/age grouping and developed a closer learning community with one another.

Our students participated in many physical activities: Rod Drebert Meet, Terry Fox Run, 2 days of skiing at Rabbit Hill and Swimming lessons at the Manluk Centre.

Our noon hour clubs were a success!  Thank you to all of the staff here at Falun School for providing those activities as well as to students for participation!

Music   Monday

Mrs.   Liddle

Camera   Club Tuesday

Mr.   Lewis – Grade 3 Room

Wacky   Workout Wed.

Miss.   D. Cartier - Gym

Writing   Workshop Wed.

Miss.   N. Cartier - Library

Book   Bank  Thursday

Miss   D. Cartier - Library

Recycling   Thursday

Mrs.   M. Robins & Ms. M. Ruff

Flr   Hockey / Football Friday

Mr.   Holtby - Gym

Friendship   Friday

Miss.   Meyer – Grade 4 Room

Book   Bank Friday

Miss.   D. Cartier - Library


Both Ms. Ruff and I will continue with our current roles as Vice Principal and Principal respectively.  Ms. Ruff will continue in her role as Learning Support Teacher. 

We unfortunately have some staff departures and goodbye’s to people who will be truly missed.  We wish much success to Mrs. Johnson, Ms. Lamberigts, Mrs. Stephan and Mrs. Heilman in their future endeavors and extend our deepest gratitude for all of their hard work and dedication throughout this school year. A list of teacher and staff assignments follows:

ECS -                          We welcome Sara Yazdani - This is a shared position with Lakedell School to create a full time position.

Grade 1 -                     Miss. Nichole Cartier and Ms. Michele Ruff
                                  (L.A. and Math)

Grade 2 -                     Mrs. Monica Robins

Grade 3 -                     Mr. Rob Lewis

                                   Miss. Dannette Cartier (Social and Music)

                                   Mr. Kristien Holtby (Art)

Grade 4 -                     Ms. Cheryl Meyer

Grade 5   -                   Mrs. Nicole Liddle

Grade 6 -                     Miss. D. Cartier

                                   Mr. R. Lewis (Math)

Physical Education        Mr. K. Holtby (for teacher prep time for grades 1 – 6)

 Library                        Miss. D. Cartier (grades 1 – 6) and Mrs. C. Labrie (ECS)

Family School Liaison Worker-         Mrs.  Wynia

Maskwacis Wahkotowin Liaison –    Mrs. Hill

 I extend my warmest wishes to all for a safe and happy summer.  Remember to follow the RULES:

Relax your Mind
Unwind your soul
Live your life
Enjoy your time
Summer fun!

The school will be open for 2015 – 2016 registration on September 1st and 2nd from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  See you in September! 

K. Holtby